Amir Ahmadi


The Trio offers a fresh perspective on the music of the middle East, particularly Iran, by shedding new light on its rich musical traditions. Their aim is to redefine the narrative surrounding the music of this region. They strive to create a new way of thinking about the music of this region, one that is not bound by preconceived notions.

At the core of their project is the remarkable instrument known as the “Claviton,” built by Georg Vogel, offering 31 tones per octave. It allows for the creation of a polyphonic texture in Amir Ahmadi’s compositions, that evoke the melodic vocabulary of Iranian and Arabic Maqam and Dastgah music, seamlessly intertwining these elements in a modern musical style while still honoring the traditional aspects.

With each member specializing in different disciplines, the trio has the ability to navigate between the realms of jazz, fusion, traditional, and contemporary music on one hand. On the other hand, their clear objective transforms this diversity into a cohesive entity—an entity that can be found beyond those conventional boundaries.

– 10.03.2024 Porgy & Bess, Vienna, AT, Festival Jazz Werkstaat
– 14.12.2024 Limmitationes, Burgenland, AT

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